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Newfoundland - Come Home Year 2022

Up and down the Avalon Peninsula during Newfounland's 2022 Come Home Year


Duleepa Wijayawardhana

August 20, 2022

If you go as far east as you can in North America and before you head out on a boat towards Europe, you'll reach an island called Newfoundland. And nestled into the rocky shores of the Avalon Peninsula is its capital city, St. John's. This is where my heart feels most at home. These are sights from a few weeks in the Avalon Peninsula. From whale and bird watching, to wandering the streets and alleyways of one of North America's oldest cities, to traversing chunks of the East Coast Trail.

The highlight (beyond catching up with everyone who were home this year -- which was pretty much everyone -- and cat sitting three of the most awesomest cats) was visiting Mistaken Point near Cape Race. Here at this UNESCO World Heritage site you can easily walk to some of the oldest fossils in the entire world. If you go there, I hope you get as nice a day as we had, it's super rare in that part of the world. Oh and don't forget to book; they can only take a few dozen people a day.

Oh how I miss the rocky shores, the crash of the waves and the salt air on the lips.

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