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Boris: Give back to this society!

A startup entrepreneur and now investor, Boris Wertz has backed some of the best Canadian startups through Version One Ventures.

My Canada Project

Duleepa Wijayawardhana

May 9, 2017

Boris Wertz’s reputation in Canada precedes him by a mile. A startup entrepreneur and now investor, Boris has backed some of the best Canadian startups through Version One Ventures and lobbied the Canadian government on various issues dealing with changing the world of startup culture in Canada. More than that, he’s one of the super nice guys in the Canadian startup world.

Q. Tell me bit about yourself and your life in Canada?

I am former entrepreneur turned early-stage investor. I am a husband and father of 4 and live in Vancouver.

Q. When you think about being Canadian what does it mean for you?

Home. I am originally from Germany and lived there for the first 30 years of my life but Canada is now home.

Q. What makes you happy about Canada? Where do you feel the happiest in Canada?

I love the incredible respectful and inclusive society we built up.

Q. What frustrates you about Canada?

I would love us to sometimes have more guts to just go for it and hit it out of the park.

Q. Where would you like Canada to be in 25 years when we celebrate 175?

One of the leading liberal societies in the world.

Q. If you have one piece of advice to give someone being born in Canada today, what would it be?

Be incredibly happy that you got the chance to be a Canadian — and give back to this society so that we stay this great country!

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